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"you’re too young to know what your sexuality is" said the straight person to a queer teenager 

"he’s such a ladies’ man" said the straight person about a 6 month old baby that doesn’t know what a lady is

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I wonder
whose arms would I run and fall into
if I were drunk
in a room with everyone
I have ever loved.

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  • zayn: [breathes]
  • me: NICE
  • zayn: [walks]
  • me: AWESOME
  • zayn: [talks]

“Before the show we have a lot of rituals we don’t realize,” Harry said. “We all do the same thing each time. Right before we go on stage we have a little huddle, make each other laugh. We do the ‘hands in’ where we all put our hands in the middle and do one, two, three – push!”

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